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“I woke up”

14 years ago today, just a few days before venturing off to my sophomore year in college, I experienced a miracle.

14 years ago today I was hit by a MARTA bus.

14 years ago today I woke up.

Thank you, gracious God, for your saving grace that woke me up…for the 19  years I had then and for what I have been able to experience in the years since — both the mountain tops of joy and peace and the swamps of pain and heartache.

Regardless of the terrain in which we find ourselves, each day we have the gift of rising again, let us get on our knees and give thanks for that simple, beautiful, and yet astonishing miracle:


May we truly wake up and choose love, choose truth, and celebrate life.

Waking up to Truth

After the bus struck me,

I woke up.

When my knees crumbled under me,

I stood up.

When old ghosts came and haunted me,

I looked up.

As my tired limbs now seem to betray me,

You stoop down.

As my mind spins webs of fear inside me,

You reach down

and lift me from my hiding place.

You hold me in Your breath —

that same breath of life

You first gave me

when nesting

in my mama’s womb.

Now, all the strength I thought I had

becomes the strength I know You are.

For as You kiss my brow,

and tears spill from

my eyes,

roots of truth

deepen within.

And I come to know

that I am called

to bear Your fruit

of Grace.

Silently, patiently,

the harvest will come.


August 31, 2013


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  1. A balm!

  2. Vanessa on said:


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