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“To This Day”

My dear buddy Z just sent this spoken poem to me, and I sit in it, heavy with both heartache and hope, knowing deeply that my vocation as a teacher has far more to do with helping kids grow up, love each other, and find themselves, than it has to do with teaching them how to fix their fragments, place their commas, and locate their verbs.

The most important verb we need to know and do and be is LOVE.

May the “success” for which we strive and teach our children to strive be far more about filling this life — our world — and the hearts that stumble alongside us — with kindness, love, and true beauty.  How could we have been made for anything more…or anything less?


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One thought on ““To This Day”

  1. Perry Thomas on said:

    Wow, Angel!!! Terrific, and very moving!!!

    Thanks for your precious visit, Sweetheart!

    I love you, girl! Mizpah!

    Poppy – – – – –

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