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The Piano Guys

A few weeks into sweet, sultry “summah time,” I am grateful to say that the lonely birds have nested elsewhere, and I’ve found the summer stride — thanks be to God!  Peace reigns.  In fact, I stumbled into this video yesterday while cleaning out email (amazing how our digital mail builds after only a 5-day vacation!), and it ushers and celebrates such peace and joy in my heart.  It’s a piano/cello cover of Phillip Phillips’ “Home,” and while I normally love to savor song lyrics (“just know you’re not alone,” coos Phillips in the chorus), there’s something here about the simple, moving conversation between cello and piano that is transforming. Often, words are not needed, or perhaps the music alone transcends them?

Click below to enjoy a little love from The Piano Guys.  Turn it up and close your eyes.  Maybe you’ll find “home,” wherever you are.

What do you think?

Music has always been a central part of my life, but recently its chords have been plucked (he he he) with more power and meaning.  And passion. And vulnerability.

More on that in another post…


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4 thoughts on “The Piano Guys

  1. Thank you for the most delightful 4:54 minutes I have spent in a while. The music, the visuals are so are your posts. keep them coming and have a great summer.

  2. Sweet Martha, I’m so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. And, yes, I didn’t mention anything about the visuals, but they, too, are incredible and feed the soul! I miss seeing your face, my friend, but I hope you are well!

  3. Perry Thomas on said:

    Magnificent, Angel! Superb pianist and superb cellist make superb music! And YOU make superb thoughts and express it so well.

    Just browsing, saw this in an earlier post:

    Tell me, Lord, how did you plan this day

    in all its heartache,

    its wonder, its beauty,

    its simple silliness,

    and make it so

    wed be okay

    another day

    and want to keep on singing?


    Is that Mary Oliver? or You? or WHO?

    Looking forward to tomorrow lunch. Just let me know when and where and how?

    I love you, my precious Angel! Mizpah!!!

    Poppy Boy – – – – – – – –

  4. Sweet Papa,
    I knew you’d love the music, as you were the first to introduce me to classical music and the strumming of a guitar…a gift that I will NEVER forget. So thrilled we can share this love.
    And, as for that little diddy in an earlier post, that was a humble little poetic musing of mine…

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