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“How to be a star”…wise words from Ann Voskamp

I teach at an Independent School, and I love it.  I love my students, my colleagues, and the challenge and surprise inherent in each day.  I love that each day makes me want to be better the next.  However, what I do NOT love is the sense of competition that perpetuates so much of what happens in our day-to-day living and being and doing…from grades, extracurriculars, and admissions stats to what was lauded in bits and pieces of yesterday’s commencement address.  I adore my school and our community, and I know we are not the only ones living in this society that seems fueled on competing in nearly every part of life.

I have felt it throughout these eleven years of teaching, and I continue to wonder how we can make a change.

Ann Voskamp, whose book One Thousand Gifts I just finished this weekend, recently wrote about this cultural phenomenon of competition in a blog post, and I have re-read it each day this past week.  Her poetic and poignant words give voice to the humble, the lowly, the vulnerable.  She questions why we should “enter the race” at all and instead offers that we pose like an open-mouthed bird, receiving grace from God and offering gratitude in response.  That is enough.

I encourage you to savor her words (and subscribe to her blog!) here:

A Holy Experience

Can this be part of the curriculum we share with and teach our children (and try to better learn/understand ourselves)?


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