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reflecting on everyday grace

Morning of Mary

This Saturday morning, I am alive (thanks be to God).  Wait, why should that be parenthesized?


And I am alive with verses of my favorite poet.  I have been reading and listening to Mary Oliver for much of the morning, and her wild geese bat their wings in my heart and hover over the sunflowers and peonies who show no fear as their gentle, blazing petals follow the sun.  We know who they love, and they know they are loved.

While I read her poetry fairly regularly, her words never cease to touch me or evoke delight in new, mysterious ways, and this morning, listening to her read her own poetry was a special treat that I would like to share.  I love the way Mary reads because she knows the sewn bits of her story better than any of us do, and yet, the way she reads is such a tender and eager invitation for us all to join in and take part.

Close your eyes and listen below, and I hope you, too, will remember your place “in the family of things”…

Mary Oliver reading her poem Sunflowers:

Mary Oliver reading Wild Geese and other poems:

Hmmm…life giving!

Mama and I hope to visit her this summer in Provincetown, Mass, and meanwhile, I’ll look for her words and blooms today as I roam the beloved greens of Piedmont Park at the Dogwood Festival…

Welcome, Happy Morning and Afternoon!


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