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A week of grace…

I wish you continued thanksgiving blessings, friends…may we cultivate an attitude of gratitude each and every day and not just save it for “special occasions”; EVERY DAY is a special occasion!

As I mentioned in my previous post, this past week has been one of tremendous challenge, but also of amazing grace.  Indeed, it’s often through the challenges that we see the deepest hue of grace.  So, thanks be to God for every challenge — every moment of adversity or pain.  May it draw us closer and closer to our Maker.

Here are a few of the simple, grace-filled joys of this past week.  Maybe these moments, mundane and real, can help you, too, look back and see God’s grace in the little, the big, the trivial, and the significant — nothing is too big or too little for God.

1.  Surprising Papa at Trader Joe’s last Sunday, completely out of the blue!  I cannot tell you the joy it is to see his face when he first sees me and/or mama — that look and gasp of shock that instantly melts into that warm “Poppy” smile.  I also love to watch him like a fly on the wall (or a banana in a grocery sack?!) as he treats his customers with love, appreciation, acknowledgement, and respect. It’s no wonder they all adore him – our beloved “P Funk”!

2.  An unexpected, nearly 7-hour visit to the ER on Monday night/Tuesday morning for this silly, re-infected elbow of mine.  While certainly scary, it brought far more blessings — bonding with new friends and gaining perspective with every ticking minute and with every opening of the automatic entry doors to Piedmont’s ER.  My loving mama never left my side, and all night/morning, friends and family were praying and sending messages of love.  That’s grace.

3.  Learning to ask for help with the use of only one good arm (man, this is tough — but essential — and SO very humbling!)

4.  Turning 33 years old — and being astonished by having lived this many years.  Thank you, Lord, for another day of waking up and of loving.

5.  Birthday messages (and a massage!), blessings, cards, and visits.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving for the love that has punctuated every day of  my life and for all those I’m blessed enough to call family and friends — near and far — from childhood through my “adult” life (will I EVER really grow up?!).  I LOVE YOU.

6.  Mama washing my hair in the kitchen sink on Thanksgiving day.  She is God’s angel on earth — in every possible way.  I could feel the love pouring from those kind, gnarled hands that were made to serve and made to love.  My mama’s touch is like a lullaby.

7.  Clean hair (after a number of days)…isn’t it amazing that if your hair is clean, you magically feel new and sparkling all over (or maybe it’s just me)?!  Who needs to shower anyway?

8.  Reading Mary Oliver’s newest book of poetry A Thousand Mornings on Thanksgiving Day.  Her imagery and words leave me gasping for breath…

9.  Finally sleeping through the night.  Hmmm, the gift of sleep and good rest — may we not take this healing gift for granted.

10.  BOOMING Amy Grant’s The Collection for the first time since the 80s and 90s…and, oh, baby, there’s nothing like dancing (as best you can) and singing out loud in the presence of NO ONE but God!

11.  Learning and feeling how inter-connected our body is; may we savor the gift we have in MOVEMENT – reaching, extending, lifting, pulling, scratching, pushing, leaning, hugging, etc…!

12.  Red beans and rice, steamed shrimp, and veggies for Thanksgiving Day — our vegetarian feast!  Thank you, mama and papa, for being so amenable to your daughter’s funky dietary restrictions — yet freedoms!

13.  Sweet treats in the form of coconut milk ice cream and raw apple pie from R. Thomas.  Oh.  Sweet. Lord.  Thank you.

14.  Reading in the basking sunlight and enjoying 70 degree temperatures (even for a little bit!) during an Atlanta November…

hmm hmm hmm!

15.  Watching an intricate wound heal, day by day, and waiting in the process…

a perfect prelude to ADVENT, as we wait for the coming of our Savior!




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2 thoughts on “A week of grace…

  1. Awe, admiration, serenity, a giggle, a nod of agreement, Philippians 4:8—this post!

  2. You wanna know about Grace? Grace is God’s gift of you and Mama in my life. That silly smile on my face and the boombeat of my heart when either or especially BOTH of you appear at the most unexpected moments is just evidence of my awareness and appreciation of that Grace!

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