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What do these pictures “say” to you?

Dear friends, please forgive the long hiatus, as the glorious grind of school during the month of October has allowed for little blogging room…and little room for much else!

I’m still buried under the grind, but while I wonder about and wait for what to write/explore next, I feel the need to post images forwarded to me this past week.

Here they are:


Having coffee…


Getting together with friends in a restaurant…



Enjoying the beauty in a museum…
















Pleasantly chatting in a cafe’ …




















Enjoying a day at the beach…












At the stadium,  supporting the team…











Having fun with your significant other…













Appreciating the town in a convertible …





















“I fear the day when  technology exceeds our humanity.”

-Albert Einstein

I find these images disturbing and tragic not only because they project the overarching reality of our current world, but also I have caught myself in similar scenes (and that makes my stomach churn).


I’m thankful for these images to wake me up from an electronic, numbing slumber to which I do NOT want to be a slave.

What do YOU think of these images?  Einstein’s accompanying quote?  Are we “awake” to the grace of and in everyday life?


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3 thoughts on “What do these pictures “say” to you?

  1. Poppy on said:

    What do all these images share in common? I’m guessing the age of the vast majority of the pictured addictees is 25 or under, most of them in high school or college. These phones are ‘social media’ tools? Looks more ANTI-social to me. I love you, sweetheart, and am happy that you feel so strongly about this.

  2. Perry Thomas on said:

    Just incredible. See my post on your blog!!! Also:

    Loving you, baby cakes!!!!!

    Mizpah – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  3. It DOES look anti-social, Papa, and it seems to me that with more and more digital “tools” we have to communicate, the less we REALLY deeply and authentically communicate with each other at times. ‘Tis an interesting reality…

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