little bit of lagniappe

reflecting on everyday grace


Please watch this:

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

What did you notice?

What struck you?

Last week, my sweet daddy sent me this video featuring a fascinating fellow named Matt Harding and his “Dancing around the world”  (I think after his 3 weeks at Trader Joe’s, this is also a mirror of my papa’s rejuvenated, jubilant spirit!).  The joy in this video is infectious and contagious (did you see the faces?  the body language?  the freedom?) and it reminds me that in the midst of the chaos, the busyness, the pain, the uncertainty, and the noisy exhaust fumes of this world, there is ALWAYS a deeper layer of beauty to seek and find; there is ALWAYS something for which to be thankful.

My prayer today is that we as a human race may dance together — wherever we are — and lose consciousness in the abundant and full reality of GRACE.

DANCE friends, DANCE, for the Lord of the dance has overcome the world!

John 16:33


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2 thoughts on “Dance!

  1. Your video made me think first of Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip. Snoopy would spontaneously break into a dance especially at suppertime, the picture of happiness and joy.

    However, my thoughts then turned to my own father. Daddy had a little dance he did whenever he got the upper hand in a prank or to celebrate a little victory. Because he was the consummate prankster, these dance episodes were quite frequent at our house or at Westminster. One time he did it standing on a chair in Malone Dining Hall. I have many memories of my father tossing any thoughts of being self conscious aside, but my favorite one of Daddy doing his dance was definitely one afternoon in March of 1973.

    We were in Lexington, Virginia for Spring Break to visit my grandparents. One day we drove over to Charlottesville so that Daddy could spend some time with the Dean of Admissions. He wanted to “check” on how things looked for his boys that year as acceptance letters would be mailed out shortly. After what seemed like an eternity but was in truth probably about an hour, he appeared in the distance coming toward our car. Oblivious to the college students he passed, my father was dancing his dance on the sidewalk and singing, “Twenty, twenty, twenty applied and twenty accepted.”

    While it’s a fun image, the thing I cherish most is how excited he was for the sake of his students. I really learned what teaching is all about that afternoon, and it guides everything I do at Westminster.

  2. CT- I absolutely LOVE this video. Thank you for sharing it. I may post it again! 🙂 As a dancer, I am always struck by the joy I feel when I’m doing what I love. Whether we are trained or just expressing ourselves with body language, dance is the universal language of joy!

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