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When was the last time you played an air guitar?

“A child playing air guitar plays no wrong notes.”

I love this quote, which comes from a book called The Music Lesson by Grammy-award winning bassist Victor Wooten.  My dear friend Pam gave to me recently, and I am still deep in it, digesting and savoring its little bits of wisdom page by page…

Today, may we play our own air guitars like a wild child…

no fear, no worry

just faith and freedom.


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2 thoughts on “When was the last time you played an air guitar?

  1. I attended a wedding last week in Richmond. Our cousin, Sallie Berry W&L ’03, married her longtime boyfriend. It was one of those weddings where the words “they’re perfect for each other” was on everyone’s lips.

    There was a fabulous band at the reception that drew everyone onto the dance floor like a giant magnet At one point the bride and groom were both playing air guitars. I hope that every day is an “air guitar day” for them. Thanks for this inspiration, Carter.

  2. What a magnificent story and couple, JLA…thank you so much for sharing! I played air piano today at church, and it felt so good!

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