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Forgive me for sounding proud, but…

…my daddy just started a NEW JOB today, and I am BEAMING!

I am beaming because he went against societal “rules,” stepped out of his comfort zone and away from that debilitating fear of failure, and just tried it — just took a risk, applied, and plunged in with faith.

(Here’s a shout out to the Growth Mindset!)

Fortunately, they smartly hired him, and at the PRIME, YOUNG age of 72 (sorry to spill your secret, sweet pops!), he begins again today, and he is inspiring me more than he realizes.  Last year, he battled cancer, and this year, he’s making the choice to change his career and work in a far healthier environment with far less stress.

Our gratitude to God abounds.


And if you’ve never heard of Trader Joe’s, you better make sure that you’re his lucky first customer there.  I GUARANTEE that you will leave there feeling far better than when you first arrived.


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2 thoughts on “Forgive me for sounding proud, but…

  1. Which Trader Joe’s??

  2. Buckhead, Lal! Peachtree Road, baby! 🙂

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