little bit of lagniappe

reflecting on everyday grace


Thoughts of suffering, pain, hardship, trial, and plain ol’ tough times have been on my mind and heart a lot recently — and their importance.

And so, a poem (which often gives voice to what God whispers to me in my heart when I least expect it) I wrote yesterday, which is aptly called by its subject:


Must we fear suffering?

Must we grow anxious of pain?

In it, we lose our loose grip of reality

we thought was far tighter –

like a leash that snapped.

With each throb

in open heart,

fragile body,

we realize

we have lost control.

Or, did we ever have it?

Who do we think we are,



Suffering means defeat

of ego –

the tension of transformation,

the necessary scouring

of the all layers we’ve piled on

again and again

from the world’s unwieldy expectations,

its prison of deceit.


Suffering means victory

of true self

in time.

Another pirouette

of the age-old cycle –

dying and

rising again.


Look around now,

our mirror lies in nature.

Yet, are we so distant?

Can we crane our necks above skyscrapers

that have altered our view,

or simply lift our eyes from digitized devices

that stain our hands

with battery acid and

the illusion of control?


Have we forgotten

our own fingerprint?


Pain is a story-teller,

a beautiful disaster,

and suffering, our teacher,

from whose breast

we nurse

and finally come alive

to realize

for what

for whom

we are alive.


July 27, 2012


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3 thoughts on “Suffering

  1. Amazing Cart. You have the true gift of a poet. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, your talent, and your insight!

  2. JLA on said:

    Oddly it is from a digitized devise that I read this thoughtful poem. I love this, Carter. So many phrases resonated with me–“beautiful disaster” and “stain our hands with battery acid”. Beautifully written! Many thanks for sharing.

  3. “pain is a story-teller”


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