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Modern-day Psalm

On this glorious new Thursday morn, I thought I’d post this beautiful modern-day psalm I stumbled across as I thumbed through this month’s “In Touch” magazine that I subscribe to, which is put out by Charles Stanley’s ministry.  Delicious, thought-provoking stuff — a fruitful combination of articles on faith and daily devotionals centered around a spiritual theme for the month.  One of my favorite features of the magazine is the inclusion of a “modern psalm” contributed by a reader each month.  For June, a reader submitted a poem that her mother Roberta A. Wasylyk wrote in 1992, and I cannot help but read over it again and again and again.  Roberta’s words tell the story of the expanse of God’s grace, and she lures me in with her first line:


Lord, you deal in galaxies and gnats.

You birth red giants, and know each sparrow as it falls.

You encompass space, and count my hairs.

You speak to be what isn’t and dry my tears at night.

You carry me in your bosom, as you slay the wicked with your word.

I am mute to hang a sun, or count the beating insect heart, yet

You hide me in the crevice of the stone that smashes kingdom.

My heart beats safely in the consuming fire of my God.


Welcome, happy morning.

For all the mysteries of this life – both large and small, “I will celebrate before the LORD.”   — 2 Samuel 6:21


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2 thoughts on “Modern-day Psalm

  1. Psalms are a much more difficult genre to write in than most people would suppose. It’s all too easy to fall back onto cliches or catch phrases or safe dogma; all to difficult to be fully honest and open, that is, truly intimate, much less fresh in our imagery, language, and insight.

    As I revisit the originals, I’m often startled by a phrase or a line that usually falls through the cracks between the more familiar sections.

    Thanks for the fine demonstration from our own time.

  2. JLA on said:

    My father always said that the Psalms are the the greatest literature ever written. I often have seen their influence in his writing.

    Thank you for this joyous start to my morning.

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