little bit of lagniappe

reflecting on everyday grace


“Today opened inside me like an egg.”

-Anne Sexton

Today cracked open and revealed the first day of summer (hmm…) for this wearied and thankful teacher.  In the aftermath of a week of exams, final classes, and grading hibernation, I’m reflecting on the power of TODAY; it truly has “opened inside me like an egg.”

My inner alarm clock chimes

and calls me to rise

before dawn.

But today

I can politely (or perhaps not so politely) say,

“no, thank you”

and roll over.

I can contemplate the warmth of my down blanket,

the churning blades of the ceiling fan,

the first breath of birds outside my window.

Today I can linger in thoughts,


romantic melodies of dreams,

and whisper back in gratitude.

Today I can recall

the expectant, excited faces of my students.

Sambo’s mischievous grin,

Gov’s brimming questions,

Douglas’s furrowed brow,

and the way Zoe’s arm

makes an interpretive dance in the air.

I can recall it all from afar,

giggle, sigh, give thanks,

and rest.

For these next two months,

I will miss being  “Ms. T.”


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One thought on “Today

  1. Poppy on said:

    Love it, sweetheart! You deserve a rest like few others, and I hope you’ll allow yourself to enjoy it to the brim for as long as you can make it last!!! I love you, and Mizpah!!!

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