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reflecting on everyday grace

“When There’s More To Winning Than Winning”

There’s so much in our current culture that disgruntles me – celebrity mania, consumerism, selfish individualism, the “throwaway” mindset, impatience, distraction, excess —  all that suggests and confirms that we are our own worst enemies.

However, to counter that, I’ve always been a hopeful lady, and given the title of my blog, I do believe in everyday grace.  Here’s a story of everyday grace in the midst of grim humanity that my friend Meghan brought to my attention this past week.  It features a particular Men’s Division III basketball game between visiting Washington College (MD) and Gettysburg College (PA).   It’s a sweet story that I wish could bubble up across America and overshadow the greed that has corrupted sport.

Then again, maybe that’s what makes grace so good.  You have to look for it in the midst of the darkness, and it sho’ ain’t easy sometimes.  May we continue to seek and help each other find and embrace the light that can always conquer the dark.

p.s. I love that this link doesn’t feature a video to watch.  Rather, we must listen, and I suggest you close your eyes.  As Derrick Gay taught me this past Monday during our Faculty In-service day, let us “listen to understand, not listen to respond.”

p.p.s. God bless you, Division III athletics; I will always have a special place for you in my heart… 🙂


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