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Whaddaya doin’ New Year’s Eve?

Frankly, friends, I get quite irritated with all the “hoopla” associated with New Year’s Eve.  Our media paints New Year’s Eve as one wild night of massive parties, heavy drinking, and hooking up with someone at the end of the night.  WHAT?  WHY?  Is that real?  Is that lasting?  Is that what we’re made for?

I don’t want to judge those folks who choose those sorts of endeavors, and maybe I’m just a simple “oldie” in my thirties who’s really looking forward to a quiet night during this busy and beautiful Christmas holiday.  I have to admit that I’m really thankful for the chance to be still and quiet, reflect, give thanks, and try to be and do better tomorrow.  The fact that we have hope in tomorrow is a gift in itself, not to mention the chance to start fresh with a brand new year.

This year, all that matters on my New Year’s  Eve agenda is that I celebrate with my family, and doggone it, that’s exactly what this “wild child” is going to do.  I didn’t have the chance to be with them last New Year’s, and we’ve shared quite a journey together in 2011.  So, we’ll welcome in a special 2012 together, and provided we’re given the gift of tomorrow, we’ll get on our knees at church, give thanks, and then enjoy our traditional New Year’s Day lunch of black eyed peas, collards and kale, and good ol’ cabbage (hmm, hmm, hmm, can you taste it?!).  Drew Brees and ‘dem Saints in Black and Gold may join us after lunch, too, as they battle the Carolina Panthers.  WHO DAT!

It will be simple, but it will be us.

Instead of “Whaddaya doin’ New Year’s Eve,” perhaps we should sing, “whaddaya bein’ New Year’s Eve?”

I’m being honest.  I’m being grateful.

Good health and lasting peace to you this New Year’s, and may God bless you and your beautiful families with each day we’re given.


“You will go out with joy and be led forth in peace.”

-Isaiah 55:12


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