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On this Labor Day…

…I think of those who have labored for the sake of others.

While watching Sports Center earlier with my precious parents at my side, we stumbled across this story and now have a new hero:

Man In The Red Bandana

I wish that these kind of stories filled the airways and channels on a regular basis.  THIS is what our children need to see instead of the rampant trash that exists.

Regardless, we thank you, God, for the life of Welles Crowther.

We thank you, God, for the countless others who have sacrificed their lives in like fashion.

May we each live so heroically and fully as they.

Welles, your beautiful life and legacy lives on, brother.

While I never knew you, I now wear a red bandana in your memory and honor.

Your courageous life, like Abby Smith, another beautiful life recently reunited with her Father in Heaven, reminds me of a line from a favorite Wendell Berry poem:

“…here nothing grieves in the risen season.  Past life LIVES in the living.”





p.s. thanks to my beautiful, amazing, and selfless mama, I now have 28 red bandanas to give to my 7th grade boys’ classes on Thursday.  We will end class honoring Welles and his courageous gift, and we will leave with his red bandana in our hands and his legacy in our hearts…

Welles lives on.

We have his story to tell; we have his courage to share.

“Go and do likewise.” – Luke 10:37


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One thought on “On this Labor Day…

  1. Sweetheart,

    I know I’m preaching to the choir saying this to you, ’cause I know you feel it just as I do, but WE MUST NEVER FORGET what happened to us on that day nearly ten years ago! In the same breath and in ALL our prayers, we must never forget the utterly selfless heroism of Welles Crowther and all the other good citizens and first responders who sacrificed their own lives so that so many others might survive. Our Father put those heroes in that place at that time for just that reason, and they answered His call! God bless and keep them all in His heavenly kingdom.

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