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Tomorrow in my 6th grade classes, we will be reciting and discussing our class MOTTOS.  Each of them are focused on attitude:

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” – Roger Miller

The second is a Japanese proverb that has also been the motto for many a JV basketball team I have had the privilege of coaching…God bless them!  It is:


I cannot WAIT to show them this incredible video to ignite our discussion…

What does this look like in English class?  Junior High?

While I’m sharing it with my budding 11 and 12 year olds, I pray that we may all learn to encourage and emulate this kind of courage, no matter the leg of the “race.”


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4 thoughts on ““NANA KOROBI YA OKI”

    • Incredible, John…THANK YOU. Explored Dana’s blog and so appreciate your connecting me to other sources of inspiration (you are certainly one of those, too!). Thanks, friend!

  1. Lydia B. on said:

    Wow Carter! LOVE that video – brought tears to my eyes! And what an amazing blog! Can’t wait for the next entry 🙂

  2. Carter! This is great. I’d love to hear how your students responded to the video. I am going to think about using your idea in my classes. It seems like February is the time of the school year when we all feel a little “knocked down.” I’ve been trying to think of those things I can do over the course of the year and keep classes energized, fresh, and moving… your post is really inspirational. Thank you. Now, when are you writing for, my friend? Yours would be a great voice!

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