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plug in, plug out…

…and I’m not referring to those Glade plug ins, which I wonder even exist anymore…

Alas, back to the topic at hand (whew, an easily distracted mind these days!)…

As a teacher and human being in this 21st century — a high-tech, fast-paced, and noisy age, I am constantly thinking about and wondering about BALANCE, the word we seek and overuse, yet continually strive to achieve.

We want  kids to play.

We want kids to be safe.

We want kids to appreciate and reserve space and time for silence.

We want kids to know how to use digital tools responsibly.

And so, with that in mind, I offer two recent articles I have read and explored this past week:

This first one I discovered in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago and nearly whooped and hollered and joyously rollicked out loud after reading it.  I loved it so much that it’s currently taped outside my classroom door.  Hopefully, some folks strolling the hallway will have and make the time to read Mitch Albom’s wise words and observations in his article entitled The Joy of Summer.

May we not restrict those joys he mentions to sweet summertime…

Juxtapose Albom’s thoughts with this next article sent to me from a dear friend and colleague with whom I often share rich face-to-face and email conversations about BEING, thinking, slowing down, digging deeply, wondering, and trying to hear what’s going on in our heads in the midst of the often-overwhelming cacophony in our world.  She shared with me this piece from the New York Times written by Bruce Feiler , and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.  We each have our choices when it comes to when we “plug in” and when we “plug out,” but I pray that in the midst of it, we would find comfort and peace with chances to NOT KNOW something.  Experiencing wonder and mystery and the “not knowing” humbles us, stretches our imagination, teaches patience, and helps us create and share the stories that have been with us since our origin.

And the journey towards seeking BALANCE continues.


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2 thoughts on “plug in, plug out…

  1. martha thomas on said:

    Blessed are finding BALANCE everyday by searching, by unplugging, by listening, by desiring, by share this with your kids is more powerful that learning how to diagram sentences…You are doing what your CREATOR wants you to do..and I give personal thanks for this gift from HIM..
    Teach on, Miz T, and thank you for sharing this powerful truth….
    all my love, moosh

  2. Here’s to balance! Thanks for this strong reminder that encourages balance, yet recognizes the power of connectivity.

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