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The Jitter Bugs

No, friends, I can’t say I know the jitterbug real well.  While I LOVE to dance (and wish there were more outlets to learn on a recreational basis!), what’s dancing right now are the jitter bugs in my tummy.  They have not invaded because as I type the Braves are in extra innings with the Giants, and we really need this win; instead, they have invaded because tomorrow is the first OFFICIAL day of school where I’m so grateful to teach.

It seems like we teacher folk have been back in the saddle for quite sometime now, as over this past week and a half, the pace quickened instantly, and we found ourselves immersed deeply in Macbook training workshops, Faculty Forum, Division meetings, Department meetings, Coaches meetings, Honor Council meetings, New Student Orientation, and Macbook Roll-out meetings for the Junior High.


In spite of our collective exhaustion,  ALL of our kiddos arrive tomorrow, and “holy schnikes,” I cannot wait.

The butterflies and jitter bugs are making some kind of SERIOUS harmonic music in my belly, and I’m not sure if rest will come tonight.  That’s ok, because tomorrow, those beings will arrive — those beings that give me purpose as a teacher.  In the midst of the meetings, the busy-ness, the schedules, the technology, the frenzy, and the planning, our kids are coming tomorrow; they are at the root of all that “stuff”; they give us perspective.

And so tonight, on the eve of the beginning of my 10th year of teaching (not sure if “holy schnikes” would again be appropriate here; perhaps an alternative word?!), I offer this prayer.  I pray it for myself and for all my incredible colleagues and teacher pals, but I also offer it to ALL parents and adults everywhere…we ALL have such a responsibility and so much to learn.

Teacher’s Prayer:

“Lord, please help me

to strengthen their voices,

bodies, and minds,

to express their feelings and

control them sometimes,

to explore what’s near

and venture afar,

but most importantly to LOVE


Goodnight, friends.  I’m off to study faces in the yearbook and ask the jitterbugs to offer a lullabye for deep, sweet sleep…tomorrow is a big day.


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One thought on “The Jitter Bugs

  1. Nancy Smith-Mather on said:

    Great prayer Cart!
    I love it! and I also think the letter writing club is a fabulous idea!

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