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Walk on!

Yesterday, my amazing mama walked 13 miles with a group of trekkers training for October’s 3-day for the Cure.  I am so proud of her, I don’t know what to do!  Not only did she blow me away by the physical feat itself, but what she really taught me (she teaches me every single day of her life) was the power of faith and determination.  I have to admit that when she first mentioned the opportunity to “stroll” ’round Acworth for a training walk of 13 miles at 6:00am on Saturday morning, my first daughterly instinct echoed some “loving” yet stern caution (I distinctly remember something like, “Whoa, there, sister!” spitting out of my mouth on the other end of the telephone when she first told me).  A 65-year-old woman of unparalleled strength, beauty, courage, and faith, mama was determined, but from my perspective, she also seemed underestimate the reality of what 13 miles would feel like, especially given the fact that our longest training walk thus far had been a total of 6 miles!  “What’s 7 more miles, Cartie?  I think I can do it; God will get me through!”

Undaunted, she proceeded to call the 3-day coordinator for the walk, sign up, drive miles and miles up I-75 to meet a seasoned group of veteran walkers and strangers, and baby, SHE DID IT.  Not only did she do it, but she made incredible new friends, shared stories, and savored every single second, minute, and hour of enduring  journey, blisters and all.

In years past, she and papa have been the ones to cheer me on, spur me to keep going, encouraging me every step of the way.  Ever the mama bear, she probably swallowed innumerable  fears, always believing that I could conquer and accomplish anything — endless training runs and races, grueling practices, and other physical and emotional endeavors.  She always had faith in me and in God’s ability to get me through, one step at a time.

Now, I have the good fortune of giving her that very same gift; to believe in her and trust in God.  It is a JOY to cheer her on, and I cannot wait to help her lace up and ready those sneakers for the next mile.

For today, I’ll just give thanks for mama.  Walk on…teach on, sweet lady.


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3 thoughts on “Walk on!

  1. Ahhhh….sweet Cart, your blog is like a breath of fresh air….LOVE IT!! Great thoughts about your sweet mama who I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting. Life is so interesting as there comes a time when we start to look after our parents in a different way as we get older. So grateful that we can!

  2. Nancy Smith-Mather on said:

    Well said Cart. Way to go Mama T!!!

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