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New P.E. unit?

This summer, I’ve been learning a lot about REST and combating the rapid, unforgiving pace of our modern world, which I have allowed to dictate my life for far too long.  With that being said, my chief concern is about our kids growing up in this world.  Thankfully, I’ve found retreats in such mindful practices as walking, meditation, yoga, and writing, but I long for our kids to know  and enjoy the same opportunities to unplug.  In early July, one of my dearest friends Jill subscribed me to Yoga Journal, and each day I receive all kinds of interesting info — from poses and practice to insights and whole-food recipes.  The other day, an article involving yoga and kids intrigued me, and made me wonder about teaching yoga in schools — a new P.E. unit, perhaps?

Namaste, friends…


As a follow up, a few days later…I’m still thinking about this obviously, and I stumbled onto this resource:

Lord, have mercy.  If I feel the need to RELAX and UNPLUG after these exciting, but very busy first few days of school, I can’t imagine what our kids are feeling and will feel!


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9 thoughts on “New P.E. unit?

  1. I would love to see yoga and other forms of similar meditation-exercise added into PE.

    Welcome to the blog-o-sphere, Carter. SO glad your thinking is here in this virtual tribe of educators!

  2. Cheryl on said:

    I have been thinking about incorporating more yoga into my movement breaks (since not every child likes a good dance party like me!) thanks for the article and for sharing your blog 🙂 xoxo

  3. I totally agree! What a great idea. Chili, it’s so good to be on the other side of the blog from you!

  4. Monica on said:

    Carter! I didn’t know you were into yoga (although I should have guessed :). Yoga is my absolute favorite way to spend an hour. Your idea to add it to the PE curriculum is fantastic! Love, Monica

  5. Laurel on said:

    I think that would be a great idea!! I have thought this many times myself. What a great way for kids to begin to learn about the mind/body connection.

  6. Jennifer on said:

    Perhaps a yoga session mixed into exam review week would be a nice way to help kids relax the mind and body.

  7. Friends! Thanks for the support and for commenting on this new sha-bang!

    I may mention something to our P.E. staff this week for them to mull over and consider. Yoga is so helpful in getting us to SLOW DOWN and be present. Lord knows, we ALL need that, much less our precious, growing children…

  8. maryheald on said:

    Hey, Carter! YOGA. Ahhhhhhhhh. Come one day with me to Springs Yoga (where Maggie and I go). Where do you practice? Keep on writing!

    • Mary H! I would LOVE to come with you to Springs Yoga sometime (where is it?)

      I have been going both to Atlanta Hot Yoga, in addition to Mandala Studio right off Collier…

      HAPPY TEACHIN’! HAPPY LEARNIN’! HAPPY SCHOOLIN’! Can’t wait for our kiddos.

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