little bit of lagniappe

reflecting on everyday grace

“It’s just like riding a bike…”

Well, I have been writing personal reflections for sometime now, but never for an audience, and I guess a whole host of circumstances have propelled me to this point of starting a blog.  Here are a few:

1.  There has been a lot of discussion of blogs and new technology integration during our recent professional development days (“Faculty Forum”) at the school where I am so thankful to teach.  I am surrounded daily by inspiring educators, learners, thinkers — these human beings I’m proud to call my colleagues — who are constantly seeking ways to improve and to grow.  I dig that.  Many of them (alongsie their students) blog, and there’s been much conversation about the sharing of learning.  While I’ve been writing since I was a wee one, it’s been in locked up or confined in personal journals.  While there’s still purpose in those treasures, I also would love to share active dialogue with other folks about what flutters in my head and heart when it comes to this gift of life we’ve been given.  We have so much to learn each day.

2.  Anne Sexton’s poem, “Welcome Morning” talks about joy and also about SHARING that joy.  Thanks, Anne, for inspiring me to SHARE.

p.s. in recent months, I’ve had to trade in avid use of my bike ‘bluebird’ for a pen (‘old faithful’?), and while initially difficult, it’s a part of coming to understand God’s grace…a little bit of lagniappe…


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4 thoughts on ““It’s just like riding a bike…”

  1. Carter, I love and respect your sense of writing balance – some writing is private and some is nurtured and cared for by a public audience. Thanks for adding your voice here for me (and others) to hear.

  2. CT, I’m thrilled to know that I’ll be able to keep up with you–your head and your heart and your comings and goings–through your blog. So glad to hear that you are finding some balance and feeling joy in it!

  3. Sarah on said:

    Yay, Carter! What a wonderful idea. I’m thankful for your sharing and excited to continue reading!

  4. Mecia on said:

    “Cajun,” “lagniappe,” who??? No one but… Carter. Love it!

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